Where are we with The Vintage Shetland Project?

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Those of you who either crowd funded The Vintage Shetland Project or have pre-ordered the book since, should have received a newsletter over the last few days explaining exactly where I am with the book’s production and most importantly of all, when the book is to be published. Unfortunately I have had some issues with not all emails being received so I’m going to share the relevant details from the newsletter below to ensure everyone has access to what they need to know. I use YMLP (your mailing list provider) to run my email lists which helpfully provides statistics on successful/unsuccessful delivery of the newsletters and for this newsletter it recorded a very high delivery rate with only 3 bounces, however it also showed over 200 emails unopened. These 200+ unopened emails include some of the newsletter recipients who didn’t receive the email at all so there does seem to be a problem at the final point of delivery. At this stage moving to another provider is too big a task to be undertaking, so each time a newsletter goes out I will share it here on the blog and on ravelry in the hope that everyone will see it.

Here then is the transcript from the last newsletter:

After much planning, project management, decision making, professional guidance and thought, I am now in a position to be able to set an estimated despatch and publication date for The Vintage Shetland Project of Monday 15th August.

As mentioned in previous updates, thanks to the overwhelming support of the crowdfunding campaign, I have been able to enhance and improve on the original scope of the book. The Vintage Shetland Project now contains substantially more research material than originally anticipated and I’ve also been able to include some extra stories which I have uncovered.

Aside from the enhanced research and extra material, there have been a number of, previously explained, unforeseen circumstances which have pushed the time lines for the Project later than the originally anticipated dates. It has been challenging to work through these, but I am confident (touch wood!) these are behind us now and we can press on. Hopefully the unseasonal, wintery weather in Lancashire this week will depart and our lambs on the farm can warm up.

I appreciate that many of you are very excited about the book and are eager to have it in your hands. I’m grateful for your continued patience whilst I make the book the best possible product for you. I am equally eager to finish the Project and send the book to you to enjoy. As such, I have a plan, which I’ll share with you below.

There is still work to be done on the Project, however I have prepared a revised schedule which also allows for the uncertainties of family, work and farm life. I have also employed replacement and additional colleagues which will give us extra capacity and allow us to prevent any further delay.

I know a lot of you have been anticipating the release, so to ensure everyone is able to keep track of the Project’s progress, I will be sending out a newsletter every two weeks commencing Monday 9th May. This will have an insight into the previous fortnight’s developments and reveals of some of the material to expect in the book. I trust this will help you feel more involved with the Project in advance of receiving your copy.

This newsletter and all subsequent newsletters will be shared at the same time on my blog and on my Ravelry group to ensure all crowd funders and pre order customers have access to the information. If anyone has changed their address but has not yet notified me I would be grateful if you could contact me on info@susansblog.susancrawfordvintage.com. I will also be asking everyone to confirm their address details in July. Please let me know if your address has changed when prompted to ensure you receive your book.

Between manuscript completion in July and publication, all yarn reward funders will be contacted to finalise details of their rewards. The e-book will also be made available to download during this time.

To help facilitate the meeting of all timelines, I will be sending out other shop orders on a weekly basis – each Tuesday – and will be unavailable to deal with pattern enquiries etc until after publication. I will also not be answering Ravelry messages during this time. I will still share snippets on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter whenever possible but again will not be responding to messages on these media. I trust you will understand my need to focus solely on the book at this time.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued patience and support, for which I am very grateful. I have learnt a lot during the process of making this book and have unfortunately had to respond to more challenges in the last year than I ever would have imagined.

Despite, or maybe even because of this, the book has grown and developed. Even more love has been poured into it, more material has revealed itself, the patterns have been honed and polished. This is creating a book even more beautiful and special than I ever expected to achieve, and I look forward to being able to share it with you very soon.


I do hope that this helps clarify the situation for everyone. It has certainly helped me learn a valuable lesson and finally identify a personal failing – I am always over-optimistic in what I can achieve in a given time and therefore set my self unrealistic targets even when I think I am taking everything into account. Life is more complicated now than it has ever been before with work, family and farm all providing their own challenges, added to that the worst six months of weather we’ve yet experienced, and even the best laid plans fell apart at the seams. Only last week mum was very unexpectedly taken into hospital and is still there a week later. Coming to terms with my time management problems, asking for help and providing myself with a new workable time frame was scary, as I didn’t want to admit defeat however now that I’ve done it and have a week by week plan to follow which allows room for the trials and tribulations of life I feel so much better. I know some people have expressed disappointment on my ravelry group, and I completely understand, but with the new plan in place I am confident that I can deliver the book I want to produce to a now workable deadline. I’ve also received so many kind, generous and supportive messages. I can’t thank people enough for taking the time to email or message me to express understanding and to even make amazing offers of practical assistance. You really are a truly amazing bunch of people!

The blog will be full of the progress being made on the Project over the next couple of months, along with snippets from the farm and some knitting related loveliness too.

But for now, as the rain literally flows from the sky outside my window yet again, I’m off to follow my plan.

Susan xx


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  1. Dawn
    | Reply

    I am one of the referred too. Fortunately I follow you on Twitter. Thank you for the update of the book, I know however long it takes, it will be well worth waiting for and will give me hours of delight.

  2. Bonnie
    | Reply

    I too did not receive the email, thank you for sharing the information here.

  3. Maggie
    | Reply

    Susan if only people would remember that “Patience is a virtue”. Just remember that family, health and happiness come first, there are only 24 hours in a day

  4. Katie Writes Stuff
    | Reply

    The latest update was so exciting – I can’t wait until I can hold the finished product in my hands as it promises to be amazing, especially with the extra research and stories. Thanks also for providing a little bonus in the form of a pattern. That was an unexpected delight.

  5. Tattieknits
    | Reply

    I seem to have fallen off the email list for some reason (I’ve emailed) and although I know patience is a virtue, I am hardly able to contain myself! Having said that, things just need to take the time they take and life does interfere. I’m convinced it will be well worth the wait.

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