My Vintage Shetland Project Video Interview with Ysolda Teague

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The blog tour for the Vintage Shetland Project Crowd Funding campaign is drawing to a close in a quite marvellous fashion.

On my way back from Shetland a couple of weeks ago, I stopped by at Ysolda Teague’s studio in Edinburgh, where we filmed a LONG interview all about the Vintage Shetland Project. Ysolda and I have often ‘bumped’ into each other in Shetland, most recently about 18 months ago when I persuaded her to take part in my experiments to see how reliable knitted swimsuits actually are! Ysolda bravely went swimming on a cold October day along with Gavin and Mary Jane Mucklestone and found that the swimsuits really did their job.

I will one day release the video of that day but but in the meantime, Ysolda has very kindly spent many hours editing our lengthy conversation and battled internet failures to publish our interview in pretty much its entirety. so why not settle down with your knitting for an hour and tune in!

After last week’s server problems over at Pubslush, the very supportive team there, have extended the closing date for the campaign to this coming Sunday night, so you still have a couple of days left to ‘pre-order’ your copy of the book in time for Christmas.

And as I’ve got an extra couple of days before the campaign ends, I will try to publish a post either tomorrow or on Monday all about the size ranges that will be included in the book and also share a couple of the pieces in the Project.

You can find out more about the Vintage Shetland Project or to support the campaign at

But for now, I hope you enjoy our video cast and that you all have a great weekend.

Susan xx

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    I just had a lovely morning with a cup of coffee, your Ysolda interview and a shawl that I'm knitting. I was so inspired that I went over to your website(s) and ordered the Vintage Shetland book, and then your other two Vintage Knitting books… Please don't publish any more videos. I can't afford it!

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