Knitting’s Golden Age

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Some of you may remember that last October I headed off to Boscombe with a very brave, Miss Fleur McGuerr to take part in some filming for a BBC documentary. You can read all about the day’s filming on my blog here

At the time the documentary didn’t have a name and we didn’t know when it would be scheduled to air. Well I’m delighted to say that the day has come and at 9pm this evening on BBC 4 the first in the series of documentaries entitled Fabric of Britain will hit our screens. This first episode is titled “Knitting’s Golden Age” and Fleur, myself and The Call of the Sea swimsuit all appear along with such luminaries as Sandy Black and Kaffe Fassett – although neither of these appear in a knitted swimsuit!

If you are able to please do watch. The documentary’s produced, Georgina, will hopefully letting me know how viewers from the US and other countries will also be able to view in the near future.

To celebrate the Knitted Swimsuit Project page on the website will be ‘properly’ open a little later today and a number of swimsuit patterns including The Call of the Sea, A Dashing Little Swimsuit and more are now available as single PDF patterns for the first time. I haven’t been able to merge three patterns into one as I had originally hoped and mentioned in an earlier blog post as they are basically just too big but hopefully the thoroughness of the patterns will make up for that! In the hope that someone may like the outfit I wore for the shoot, The Princess Twinset and Crowning Glory beret patterns will also be available as single pattern downloads for the first time too. Yarn kits for The Call of the Sea featuring Coquette will also be available.

I hope everyone enjoys the show and that everyone is inspired to knit their own knitted swimsuit!

for now,
Ruby xx

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  1. Helen Le Caplain
    | Reply

    Ooh sounds fab – will have to watch it on catch-up but can't wait – something decent on the tellybox for once!

  2. Caroline
    | Reply

    Darn, I would LOVE to see this doc, I'm going to search around for it online. I have your two big books, they are such creative eye-candy, totally inspirational, even though I haven't knitted from them yet .

  3. Daffy Suburbia
    | Reply

    I will be watching – It was on my list for tonight:) x

  4. garofit
    | Reply

    I'm glad I read your post tonight – I wouldn't have wanted to have missed that!

  5. Helen G
    | Reply

    Really enjoyed the programme – I don't think I have seen one about knitting before. Loved your piece on the swimsuit – poor Fleur it looked so cold!

  6. Susie Hewer
    | Reply

    I've recorded it to watch this evening 🙂

  7. LandGirl1980
    | Reply

    I missed the first – and now I realise the most important – half of this. All the more reason to catch up with it now!

  8. Gill
    | Reply

    I loved it! Bravo to you and to Fleur,stars of the show.

    Fascinating stuff from start to finish.

  9. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Loved this programme, I've recommended it to fellow knitters! I was wondering where you'd been filmed (a trip to Boscombe beckons, when it's warmer). Clearly, and sadly, it was the 80s that made a mockery of a very skilled art and sent it to the naughty stair. Luckily we've all recovered from the decade that taste forgot and moved on. 🙂

  10. Danielle
    | Reply

    I loved the programme up to the fifties timeline and I thought you were adorable Susan !

  11. CarolAnn J Allan
    | Reply

    Susan – fabulous programme and lovely to see you and Fleur. You both looked gorgeous xxxxx

  12. Linda Marveng
    | Reply

    I would love to see the programme and hope it will come on YouTube eventually! Great post!

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