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  1. docksjo
    | Reply

    It beautiful
    I'd really like to make one for me.

  2. Marianne C
    | Reply

    The sweaters are lovely.
    But I can't resist a caption,"Don't worry, I know the Heimlich manuever!"

  3. Monique Elisabeth
    | Reply

    Don't worry, cause we look great in those sweaters ; )

  4. Helen Le Caplain
    | Reply

    Ooh-err that is a bit naughty isn't it?!



  5. Ingeling
    | Reply

    Beautiful sweaters, though 🙂
    W: "Oh God, they stamped on the kitten!"
    M: "Hmm… yes, so it seems."

  6. Julie Culshaw
    | Reply

    I think my mother knit this very sweater for me when I was a teenager.

  7. Jennifer Gregory Miller
    | Reply

    The sweater is awesome, but what a bizarre picture.

    I think he just gave her an awesome gift and he has to hold her because she's blown away!

    "You bought a farm? For me? These sweaters really will be useful!"

  8. ConstantlyAlice
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  9. Andi
    | Reply

    Haha! I have to wonder what the rest of the photos from the shoot were like if they decided that was the best of the bunch!

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