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Last week saw a very special event taking place at the farm. Not only did we finally have our long planned Farm Warming, but we also combined it with the Premiere of my daughter, Charlie’s graduation film, Mutoid, all about six year old Aran, the son of my very good friend, Woolly Wormhead.


We decided to use our ‘slightly’ shabby 15th century barn as the venue for the screening and the after-party.

We set about pressure washing the interior and then utilizing a number of old doors left behind after the farmhouse renovation, Gavin built a magnificent door of doors.


We created a large screen above the ‘stage’ area hung from roof beams and set about decorating the barn with bunting, paper lanterns and wild flowers from the surrounding fields.





Fairy lights were then strung around the barn and the scene was set.


We all sat entranced as we watched Charlie’s poignant and revealing film. Aran himself sat on the front row, mesmorized at the sight of himself on the big screen.

After the film and some refreshments including our very own Elderflower Champagne we finished the evening with music. First there was an impromtu performance on the piano from one of the guests.

Then a very special acoustic performance by Seattle Yacht Club, arriving at the farm directly from their gig at Kendal Calling.

The band’s guitarist is Charlie’s boyfriend, Denis, and in addition to her ‘official’ degree work, Charlie has directed all of the band’s videos to date.

All in all the night was a great success and it was wonderful to hear the sounds of laughter, chatter and music emanating from this old, old barn, empty for so many years, but now coming alive once again.

As Aran put so very simply in the film, ‘I think I will live here forever’.

Aran and Charlie before the film screening

for now,
Susan xx

All images copyright Susan Crawford 2014

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  1. mags
    | Reply

    What a fabulous event, perhaps you could make a fortune renting out your barn for weddings! The ambience looks great and what a wonderful experience for the star. I hope you are enjoying your new home.

  2. Blackmorerose
    | Reply

    What an amazing time you must have had and quite rightly what a proud Mum you must have been. Although I'm sure that farm life must present plenty of challenges what a fantastic place to be able to call home. x

  3. lorenabr
    | Reply

    Lovely use of the doors!

  4. Pixie
    | Reply

    The barn looks beautiful and it sounds like a wonderful evening. But I feel I must comment on the band name. I live by the Seattle Yacht Club. Like the ACTUAL yacht club. I pass it on my way to and from work each day and I've gone to luncheons there. I haven't heard of this band so read a bit more and took a listen. What an odd name for a band in the UK to choose. But whatever floats your boat. (Yes, I DID just do that.)

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