Vintage at Goodwood – Part II

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There has been quite a lot of negative feedback about this event. I for one, am really not in a position to comment on the organisational side of things as I wasn’t directly involved in that side of the event, and to be honest despite one or two hiccups, had a thoroughly lovely time. I was invited to attend as a volunteer to teach knitting at the Vintage School sponsored by Oxfam.

Each attendee paid £5 for their class which was donated directly to Oxfam.  I taught some lovely ladies to crochet, some to knit and some how to make handknitted dress clips and buttons.

The high street was cleverly constructed using prefabricated buildings which were disguised with ply wood shop fronts like Hollywood films of old.

I had my hair curled here.

And watched Curse of the Werewolf at midnight here.

One of the highlights for me was bumping into glamorous retro girls wearing garments from A Stitch in Time. I tried to get photos whenever possible, without scaring people half to death! Here are two To Set off your Summer Frocks together.

This photo was taken just before The Chap Olympiad where my old friend and model for A Stitch in Time, Fleur de Guerre was working. Here are Fleur and I together.

Bizarrely, during the photography for  A Stitch in Time I don’t think there was a single shot of me and the models together. I’m going to make sure I get some this time round when photographing Volume 2. I also bumped into my friends The Shellac Sisters, who very kindly volunteered to come and DJ outside of my Vintage Knitting class.

One of my favourite places was the Torch Club, which was a 1940s themed dance hall. Here’s me with my hair newly curled, and Gavin in his new slip over. This slip over matches the Father’s new socks pattern from Vintage Gifts to Knit and will also be available as a pattern in the near future. Gavin got into the spirit of the event too, buying some brylcreem to slick back his hair and shaving off his beard to leave a 40s style moustache.


There was lots of music on over the three days – my favourites were Earth, Wind and Fire, who were  everything I wanted them to be and more, and Heaven 17, who took me back to my youth, playing songs from Penthouse and Pavements and finishing with Temptation. I unfortunately missed Squeeze who made a guest appearance during someone else’s show. We particularly enjoyed the Let it Rock! stage at night, although the name is somewhat misleading as it had a very eclectic line up of musical acts from The Lady Luck Club to Wanda Jackson to The Damned, with a little Burlesque thrown in too!

Despite some rain, having to camp – which bizarrely, I thoroughly enjoyed and having several copies of Vintage Gifts to Knit stolen, which really saddened me, I had a great time, and hope there will be a next time.

For now
Ruby xxx

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  1. spritlyknitter
    | Reply

    Look's like a super day I love the pic's there great.

  2. Evis
    | Reply

    There will be book nr 2? Yay! I have only knitted one thign from the first one (the really bisarre 30s jumper with huge shoulders), but that doesn't stop me from coveting the next book.

  3. abby
    | Reply

    Looks fab. So sad I couldn't make it. You look gorgeous! Enjoy Shetland and 'In the Loop' abby x

  4. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Lovely pics! I'm waiting eagerly Stitch in Time 2. I'm already knitted six sweaters from the first book, and number seven and eight on their way.. So count meas a fan : ) That men's slipover looks fantastic, I would love to knit one to my hubby.

  5. Sandy
    | Reply

    I'm with Anon above…I've knitted 8 jumpers from the first book (currently on my ninth and have yarn lined up for the 10th!) and I can't wait for the second edition! It's probably been mentioned somewhere but I can't find the info….when is the second one mooted for release??

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