Seasons Greetings

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The latter part of 2015 has not been the calmest for myself or many others on the North West coast of Britain and with more storms to come I suspect this is not going to be the year for long walks across the fields to work off my Christmas excesses. However I am so very lucky. I am warm, dry, well fed and safe. My thoughts are with everyone for whom life has been less kind and I wish you all a peaceful, happy Christmas with the ones you love.

I’ll be back very soon,
for now,
Susan xx

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  1. knitgudi
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    A peaceful and safe holiday to all of you in England, my favorite country. May you all have health and joy in 2016.

  2. mags
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    Happy Christmas Susan. Colleagues at work have been less lucky and will be out of their homes for Christmas. Our Tudor building restaurant in the centre of a Kendal was badly flooded, and there is no guarantee the worst is over. I so feel for those in Glenridding. Glad to hear you are ok. Happy Christmas.

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