Gavin and Susan’s Excellent Adventure

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Tomorrow sees the start of our big adventure, when Gavin and I commence our move to our farm in the North Lancashire hills, with Cumbria just to the North and the Pennines stretching out in front of us to the East.

We are both so very, very excited and have many people to thank who helped us both achieve our life long ambition to have a farm.

I still have the plastic farm animals that I played with almost daily throughout my childhood. My wonderful Albert granddad who had kept animals for much of his life on a tiny plot of land had instilled in me a love of all things farm. We built minature wooden farm houses and pig styes together. I painted cabbages and lettuces onto a piece of hardboard to represent my kitchen garden. My favourite plastic farm yard character was a girl in a red dress with white apron over who was carrying a bucket laden with milk. Things did get confused occasionally, such as when I introduced figurines from my brother’s medieval fort and suddenly several of the farm horses were walking round the farm in full protective armour!

I will have much to share over the forthcoming months and years but over the next couple of weeks I will be very quiet online as there is so, so very much to do. Not only are we moving two hoarders accumulated lifetimes of stuff but also the entire business plus chickens, plants, greenhouses, sheds etc. So there is a lot to do and we are keen to get straight as quickly as possible so work can begin on all our plans. We therefore plan to work solidly on the move for the next 9 days. I will have very limited internet access at the farm for the first couple of weeks whilst new services are provided but I will keep a check on emails whenever possible. However if I’m not able to reply immediately please don’t fret. I will be in touch as soon as I can.

The movement of the business side of things has been very carefully planned to create minimum disruption so despatching of orders will continue pretty much as normal from the end of next week. Again so many exciting things to share design and yarn wise, so I’m very keen to get back to normal as soon as we can!

In the meantime if you want to see what’s happening do take a look at my instagram page where whenever I get the chance or the internet, I’ll be posting pictures of what’s happening down on the farm.

Speak very soon but
for now,
Ruby xx

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  1. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Hope this will all go as well and smoothly as possible. Would love to send you a house-warming card. May you have many long, happy, healthy and productive years together in your new home. You've waited a long time for this, and fully deserve a fresh start. With lots of love from Ruth XXXXXXX

  2. Fiona MacBride
    | Reply

    is that Pendle Hill in the distance? I am just SO jealous!

  3. Rainbowrose
    | Reply

    I imagine that it's going to be a frantic few weeks but also the start of an amazing adventure. Enjoy x

  4. Evie
    | Reply

    Best of luck! It's a truly exquisite landscape!

  5. Donna Smith
    | Reply

    How exciting! Best wishes for you move and looking forward to seeing your photos x

  6. lorenabr
    | Reply

    All the best!

  7. mags
    | Reply

    Hello neighbour! Hope you like it as much round here as I do!

  8. Susie Hewer
    | Reply

    Hope your moves goes smoothly and that you enjoy this next chapter in your life. Susie xxx

  9. Mim
    | Reply

    Good luck down on the farm! My mum lives on one (arable) and is so happy. You'll love it!

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