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To celebrate the weekend I thought I would reveal another of my favourite patterns from A Stitch in Time 2. 

This adorable sweater was originally published by Golden Eagle knitting wools in the 1940s, and was knitted in 3 ply ‘Polynit’. You can see that the pattern is in quite a state of disrepair, which has helped me make decisions quite a few times when picking the patterns to be included in Volume Two. If a pattern or magazine is ‘on its last legs’ I feel its important to try and pass on its legacy before anything too terminal happens to it. The pattern states that the colours used should be deep blue, hyacinth, silver grey and cerise. I haven’t managed to get exactly those colours but I think we’ve got quite close with a similar colour scheme of teal, fuschia, silver grey and pink.

Copyright Arbour House Publishing 2010

I have used Biggan Design 4 ply which has got a terrific range of colours available making a garment of this type possible. Its 100% merino and all produced and spun in Australia. The company is based in Brisbane but I believe they are on high ground, are all ok and managing to do business! The main colour needs about 5 x 50gm balls depending on size chosen with just one ball of each of the three complementary colours. The little bows are knitted seperately and sewn into place, so the sweater could be made if preferred, without the bows and even in one colour. I love it just as it is though! The pretty gathered sleeve heads are accentuated with neat little knitted sleeve pads which give the sleeves that bit of oomph. The slightly squared off neckline is very flattering and quite unusual for the period. Finally, its all finished off with a cute little back neck opening with four dainty buttons sewn on.

Copyright Arbour House Publishing 2010

We decided on a bit of an Andrew Sisters vibe for these photos- doesn’t Theo look fabulous? Don’t forget you can pre-order your copy of A Stitch in Time Volume 2 here.

Have a lovely weekend
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Ruby xxx

All images courtesy Arbour House Publishing 2010
Colour photography Susan Crawford

13 Responses

  1. The Vintage Knitter
    | Reply

    I'm looking forwards to receiving my copy, especially as this sweater is adorable. Currently I'm knitting a vintage 1940s bolero from a Bestway leaflet – its virtually all moss sticth, which is a bit boring though!

  2. Lauren Hairston
    | Reply

    Too cute! Can't wait for my copy of the book to arrive. I'm working on a sweater from 1936 right now. Lots of tiny stockinette stitch!

  3. Lisa
    | Reply

    Beautiful – really need to order the book!

  4. gyorgyi
    | Reply

    So sexy, Wow!

  5. Evis
    | Reply

    Oooh! If my neck and shoulders ever get well enough again ( I have arthritis) I need to make that one!

  6. flossie
    | Reply

    there is nothing I am looking forward to more in 2011 than receiving this book.

  7. Maja
    | Reply

    Oh when will your book be released? It looks so great!

    Also: do you by any chance know this pattern and perhaps where I can find it? This picture is from Foyle's war but I have also seen the excact same cardigan, and I mean the excact samen colour and everything,in All creatures great and small.


    I'm looking forward to try your new book.

  8. Just call me Ruby
    | Reply

    Maja, not off the top off my head but I have seen it so leave it with me and I'll see if I can track it down. Ah, Foyle's War though is brilliant for knitwear, probably the best on tv to be honest. I could certainly do a whole book based on it!

    Love hearing what vintage knits you're all making. Do keep letting me know.

    Ruby xx

  9. Maja
    | Reply

    Thank you. It would be wonderful i you find it. I have tried all over the internet, since it is an old pattern and it has been used in a couple of series, but so far without luck!

  10. Flavaknits
    | Reply

    Such a cute sweater – love the colours! Mx

  11. Sandy
    | Reply

    I love this sweater…can't wait for my copy of Vol 2!

    I'm currently on my 5th "To set off your summer frocks" so I think I really need to see some new designs….I seem to have got stuck! LOL! (Although I do love the "summer frocks" one, hence why I have to have them in lots of different colours!)

  12. Norah
    | Reply

    That's adorable! I've just pre-ordered the book, and can't wait for it to be done.

  13. Emma
    | Reply

    I love this pattern, I've been pondering what colours I should knit it in!

    Cannot wait for Volume 2 to be released!

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