Bring Me Sunshine

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With Advent upon us and with so much sadness and conflict all around, I felt I needed to do something positive to bring just a little light and happiness – to the pages of my blog at least.

So for the whole of the Christmas period, I will be sharing some quick posts which will include free patterns, recipes, tips and hints, favourite songs – whatever makes me happy on a given day – in the hope that it will bring a little sunshine into your day too.

As I tried to think of a working title for these posts, the theme tune to the immortal comedy duo, Morecambe and Wise came into my head.

As a child of the 70s and 80s I grew up watching Morecambe and Wise every Christmas. I still watch them at every opportunity to this day and I only need to see Eric Morecambe on screen for the briefest of moments to start to giggle. They are so much a part of me that I bought the videos and then all the DVDs of their TV shows so I could introduce my daughter to them and keep watching them myself. My Albert grand-dad modelled himself on Eric and to me as a child I guess they became almost interchangeable and watching Eric on TV was as though I was getting to see my grand-dad on the small screen.

I now live not far from Morecambe Bay and to the seaside town of Morecambe itself, where Eric Bartholomew was born, and from where he took his stage name. The rest as they say is history. A fabulous statue now stands on Morecambe promenade dedicated to the town’s most famous and most loveable son.

So without further ado, for our first ray of sunshine on a cold, miserable day, here are the dynamic duo singing their famous rendition of the song

And here are the words if you want to sing along – try it. There’s something about it that cheers the soul no matter how bleak the world is around you.

Bring me Sunshine, in your smile,
Bring me Laughter, all the while,
In this world where we live, there should be more happiness,
So much joy you can give, to each brand new bright tomorrow,
Make me happy, through the years,
Never bring me, any tears,
Let your arms be as warm as the sun from up above,
Bring me fun, bring me sunshine, bring me love.


Bring me Sunshine, in your eyes,
Bring me rainbows, from the skies,
Life’s too short to be spent having anything but fun,
We can be so content, if we gather little sunbeams,


Be light-hearted, all day long,
Keep me singing, happy songs,
Let your arms be as warm as the sun from up above,
Bring me fun, bring me sunshine, bring me love.
Sylvia Dee & Arthur Kent

For more wonderful clips from this amazing duo, head to youtube and search for Morecambe and Wise and while away a few hours!

Call back tomorrow morning for our first free pattern. Just perfect for rustling up a quick hand made gift.

for now,
Susan xx

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  1. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Oh, the Christmas Specials! A must watch every year – happy days :)). Thanks for posting!

  2. otagogirl
    | Reply

    Thank you for the wonderful memories! I grew up with Morecombe and Wise too. We need more like them these days.

  3. Mei Lock
    | Reply

    Thank you for bringing the sunshine! You can't beat a bit of Morecambe and Wise. x

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