All Change!

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As we freefall towards the end of what has been in many ways a turbulent year, with many good and some dreadfully bad things happening, Gavin and I find ourselves closing 2013 with the most dramatic and exciting news we could have hoped for.

For most of the year I have been receiving treatment and ultimately surgery for early stage uterine cancer. I have been extremely lucky and have been given the all-clear and, whilst never life threatening as it was detected in its very early stages, it still scares you and makes you look at much of your life in a different light. For us, it has helped motivate us in our determination to find a new home. Since our daughter went to university we have been planning a move to a rural location but with other family commitments there have been many other added considerations when looking for the perfect place. And somehow amongst the constant fray of everything else, we found it. Our ideal home, workplace and inspiration all rolled into one. It has been an agonizing three months of applications, business plans, discussions and interviews and finally, two days ago we were offered the tenancy. Nestled in the hills in the crossroads of Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire is the tenant farm that is to be our home.

Here we will finally have room to run our business properly. To store and distribute our books and yarns, to potentially have an occasional yarn shop or open day, to have a design studio and significantly to have a classroom/workshop from where I can run classes and also invite other teachers as well. In addition to this we will be able to realise our dream of keeping our own sheep and pigs and to grow even more of our own fruit and veg. There are lots of other plans and much renovation to be done which I will share with you over time. See the roof of the big barn on the left of the photo? We have some amazing plans for that!

But for now,
Ruby xxx

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  1. Julie
    | Reply

    I am SO SO SO excited for you both – what a rollercoaster year it has been for you – but what a way to end it: at the start of something glorious!

  2. Becca
    | Reply

    That's fantastic news, and so exciting! Looking forwardto hearing more about it 🙂

  3. Anni Howard
    | Reply

    It looks wonderful – so much potential for an exciting future. x

  4. Jane
    | Reply

    Wonderful news. We've no regrets about our move to a little farm in Orkney – the kids are even coming up here to visit us for Christmas. I hope the move goes smoothly and you'll soon have your first livestock

  5. ThatCleverClementine
    | Reply

    What a terrific way to close out your up-and-down year! It is a stunning and inspiring landscape, and will be a grand adventure for sure. Is it too early to holler, "Happy New Year?"

  6. Ann Kingstone
    | Reply

    This is such fabulous news Susan, and I am so happy for you! It is very inspiring for me to see friends achieving their dream. Thank you for making yours important! :o)

  7. Mim
    | Reply

    I'm so glad you're fully healthy again! It must have been a worrying time for both of you and Charlie. Your farm looks like a wonderful place!

  8. Jennie
    | Reply

    What wonderful news after the year you've had. I hope the move is smooth and you have plenty of fun setting up 🙂

  9. Penny
    | Reply

    That's wonderful news Susan and a perfect ending to a very difficult year for you. Wishing you and your husband all the best, and I hope to come to one of your knitting days at your farm when your business is up and running x

  10. Carol
    | Reply

    Great news that you have the all clear healthwise
    What a beautiful new place you can now call home. Look forward to seeing your ideas develop.
    Carol aka Dansnan (Instagram) xx

  11. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth
    | Reply

    What excellent news! Well done, and congratulations1

  12. lazykate
    | Reply

    So sorry you've had such a rough year, but your farm is incredible!

    Congratulations Farmer Sue and I hope your move goes smoothly x

  13. flossieKNITS
    | Reply

    That is wonderful news! So sorry your year has been difficult, but happy for you that things are looking up. Happy Holidays!

  14. Jean Moss
    | Reply

    All my very best to you both, wishing you many happy and healthy years in your new home xox

  15. Jenny
    | Reply

    Your new home looks perfect and I am so glad that you are well.

  16. Sarah
    | Reply

    Congratulations on your clean bill of health! Uterine cancer is definitely scary and I am delighted that you have beat it into submission 🙂

    Your new home is marvellous! How I wished I lived less than an ocean away so that I could attend classes and perhaps shop! Congratulations!

  17. zilredloh
    | Reply

    This is so amazing!!! Mega congrats to your and your family as you move into 2014.

  18. Helen Spedding
    | Reply

    What a beautiful house and landscape – I'm sure it will make a wonderful home for you both!

  19. Helen Gibson
    | Reply

    So pleased to hear that you are well and how wonderful to have such a fantastic new home. Very best wishes for the future Helen Gibson

  20. Elsa
    | Reply

    I'm so happy that you are well again. The best of luck on your lovely new home and new life!

  21. Meg
    | Reply

    I'm delighted to hear of this positive life-changing development after the tough year you've had. I hope that the location is accessible by train as I would venture to those borderlands for a workshop… Enjoy the change & take care. Meg

  22. crow bird
    | Reply

    I hope you will be very happy in your new home, it looks beautiful and very peaceful, a place to recharge you batteries for the good life ahead. Take care.

  23. Gudrun Johnston
    | Reply

    This is such exciting news Susan! So happy for you both! It's going to be amazing! I can't wait to visit!

  24. mags
    | Reply

    Thanks goodness you are well, so excited you are moving down the road from me, I'll be the first at any workshops you are going to run!

  25. Susie Hewer
    | Reply

    Excellent news on both counts (had the same health scare myself so know just how you felt). Lovely outlook for your new home. Much love, Susie xxx

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