A Stitch in Time Volume 1 is on its way!

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I am so excited to be able to announce that the re-publication of A Stitch in Time Volume 1 is ready to go ahead and will be available very soon.
Thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered their copy of the new hard back edition. I couldn’t have done it without you.
I am currently updating, editing, revising, improving and expanding many of the patterns in the book ready for the re-publication and am hopeful that this will be complete in the next few weeks. Our anticipated latest date for publication is end of July of this year. I’m hoping it will be sooner but I want to make sure every pattern gets a really thorough ‘going-over’ before the files head off to the printer.
The amount of work involved in updating all the patterns is of course, substantial, so if the blog is a bit quiet over the next month please forgive me but there is a lot to do!
Equally I will try and keep as up to date on the ravelry group and with email queries as possible but I will have to limit my on-line time quite severely if I’m going to be meet my deadlines.
Those of you who have already read about the new version of the book will know that I’ve also decided to tackle the issue of the 59 patterns. It has always niggled away at me that there are 59 and not 60 patterns in the book. Its always struck me as a little untidy, and now I have the perfect opportunity to correct it. In addition to the existing 59 patterns in the book will be pattern 60. And what will pattern 60 be? All will be revealed very shortly!
Volume 1 will remain available to pre-order for the time being, however, I will have to announce the cut-off date for names of pre-orderers being listed in the book very soon so that the final editing can take place. If you would still like the opportunity to be listed as a supporter of the re-publication do place your order very soon.
To pre-order your copy of A Stitch in Time volume 1, please click here.
But in the meantime its back to editing for me!
for now,
Ruby xx
All images Copyright Susan Crawford

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  1. Helen Le Caplain
    | Reply

    Good luck editing it – and can't wait to see what pattern 60 is!


  2. Anthea
    | Reply

    Congratulations on republishing a stitch in time vol. 1!

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