A Stitch in Time Vol 2

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I feel like I have been waiting a long time to get the chance to show you all this, but here is the first sneeky peek of the cover of Volume Two of A Stitch in Time.


Copyright Susan Crawford 2010


The  beautiful garment photographed is from the 1930s. The original was also black and silver and I really wanted to try and capture an almost black and white feel to the cover image. I also used some Hollywood style back lighting and of course, it wouldn’t have looked half as good without my wonderful model, Theo. I have knitted the garment in Knitshop Mulberry Silk, which drapes beautifully and has a fabulous sheen, exactly what this particular garment needed.
Volume 2 will also contain 60 patterns divided up between the 30s, 40s and 50s in the same format as Volume 1. The book is not yet published but pre-ordering will be available soon with some special limited editions also to be announced.
I will start sharing more teasers with you all very soon.
for now
Ruby xx

21 Responses

  1. argylerabbit
    | Reply

    I gasped rather loudly in the middle of my office when I saw this.

    I really cannot wait!

  2. Anushka
    | Reply

    Brilliant -how exciting!

  3. ✄ Fabric U ✄
    | Reply

    Ruby, I love it…Theo looks great too. I cannot wait to see this book. I may have to get this one….

  4. Lesley Ann
    | Reply

    That. Is. GORGEOUS!

  5. Clarissa Draper
    | Reply

    That's really cool. Now I want to check out vol. 1


  6. CraftyCripple
    | Reply

    What stunning cover. You are bound to draw in people who don't even know how to knit. I want this book already!

  7. allunraveled
    | Reply

    Gah!!! I've been coveting Vol. 1 for so long! Now I have another book to add to my wishlist. I can't wait to see a bit of what's inside.

  8. Gudrun Johnston
    | Reply

    So exciting….love it!

  9. Andi
    | Reply

    I'm so excited for this! I love Vol. 1, but I am really excited about this book having 50s patterns.

  10. flossie
    | Reply

    ACK I cannot WAIT!!! I got Vol 1 for Christmas last year; I hope it's out in time for Christmas this year!!!

  11. Hi! I'm Kya.
    | Reply

    Really really gorgeous!

  12. Lisa
    | Reply

    Wonderful – I can't wait. Am halfway through my first project from vol 1 and am really enjoying it.

  13. paisleyapron
    | Reply


  14. Mrs Juzzie Green
    | Reply

    That's bloody exciting.
    I'm sitting here covered in paint at the end of a long day- and then pow! vol ii on it way- yippee

  15. ilovedolly
    | Reply

    Yes that's beautiful and so 30s Hollywood.

  16. charliemoon
    | Reply

    i love it :D! cant wait to see the photos for all the other garments :)!

  17. Camille
    | Reply

    Awesome! I'm so excited!!!

  18. charliemoon
    | Reply

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  19. Just call me Ruby
    | Reply

    Thanks for all your lovely comments. It really makes it all feel worthwhile


  20. Unraveling Sophia
    | Reply

    I just Can't Wait!!!!! I want this SOOOOOO bad!

  21. Olga
    | Reply

    It's too bad I couldn't go and see. I wish I lived in England, just to be able to see your work, Susan!!
    Oh yes, I can't wait for the book, I'm buying this one. I absolutely love Volume 1, too.
    Susan, thank you so much for your wonderful work, creativity, you're truly a inspiration!

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