A Stitch in Time Vol 2 Available to Pre-Order Now

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The last few days have managed to slow me down a bit, but ultimately we’ve only ended up about four days late with the exciting news that A Stitch in Time Vol 2 1930-1959 is now available to pre-order. YAY!

Copyright Arbour House Publishing

I’ve put together a lovely package of goodies to go with the book to thank everyone who pre-orders. There are mini skeins of yarns that are used in the book, including samples of the forthcoming Excelana. There is a fabulous project bag, discount vouchers for yarn shops and for Excelana. There will be a discount code to use if you wish to purchase the Crochet book when it is available and there is a printable gift certificate emailed to you in case you are buying the book for someone else.

The most exciting thing of all for me, is that the book will be hard back (or case bound) and will contain 75 patterns. So its grown a little since Volume 1. More of the designs from the book will be revealed over the next few weeks both here on the blog and on the susancrawfordvintage website. For the eagle eyed amongst you (of which I know there are many) the cover will be exactly the same as shown but without the words ‘and crochet’. I’ll have a new version of the cover up shortly.

I am always so grateful to everyone who pre-orders as it really helps get a gauge of the interest in a publication and therefore how many books to get printed. As self publishers you obviously choose to take the risk along with the benefits, but it helps tremendously to know there is a market for your product, so again I really appreciate your support.

I hope you love all the goodies offered with the pre-order and that Stitch in Time 2 makes you as happy as its making me!

for now
Ruby xx

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  1. This is so exciting…your book makes its debut on the same day as my Yarn U app. I hope to include Excelana yarn in my app in a future update! Mary Beth

  2. Anita www.champagnebohemian.com
    | Reply

    How exciting to be able to order Stitch in Time 2 – I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I've placed my order already…..

  3. Anita www.champagnebohemian.com
    | Reply

    Would love to place a pre-order but can't seem to find a 'buy' button or book listing on your site. Can you point me in the right direction?


  4. Aamba
    | Reply

    So Exciting!

  5. Anonymous
    | Reply

    I`ve just placed my order. I`m so looking forward to have the book in my hand:)

  6. flossie
    | Reply

    yay!! I've placed my order!

  7. Lisa Marie Olson
    | Reply

    Absolutley stunningly fab-U-lous, was lovely to meet you at the show I have added you to my blog roll. x

  8. Liz
    | Reply

    Exciting! I loved the last book & made a couple… the puff sleeve one twice. 😉

  9. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Sorry….would love to pre-order but I can't seem to find out where to do this? Advice please!

  10. Lisa
    | Reply

    I cannot see a preorder buttoneither. Can anyone help?

  11. Just call me Ruby
    | Reply

    The name of the book is a direct link to the shop page however I am adding a button to the blog in the next day or two to make ordering easier.


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